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Providing concierge, personalized, professional psychotherapy services. 

We are available off-hours, to help and support your journey through

highly personalized, accessible, and supportive treatment. 

Offering In person and Tele/Video Therapy; specializing in children, teens, young adults and their families. 

If you have a question or issue, you get us, via phone and text, no automated menu, no AI,

direct, professional, accessible, mental health support.

Deena Kotlewski MA, LCPC, NBCC

Licensed & Nationally Board Certified Child, Adolescent & Family Psychotherapist

Clinical Supervisor

Owner & Founder
or call
(202) 423-6778


Kyla Moore, LCSW-C

Licensed Child and Family Therapist

or call
(301) 404-4747


Andrew Baer, LGPC

Licensed Graduate Psychotherapist 

or call
(301) 648-2022


Steve Schwartz, LGPC

Licensed Graduate Psychotherapist 

or call
(267) 337-4793

About us:


Strong, Healthy, Minds.......... that is our goal.

We are here to provide personalized therapeutic and counseling support to teens, children, young adults, and families. People can and will heal if they are engaged and active participants in the counseling process. Collaboratively, we identify strategies to help improve academic performance, develop and increase self-esteem, coping abilities, work through anxiety and depression, individual resiliency, and communication. Deena works primarily with teens and young adults, specializing in all areas of development. Kyla works primarily with 5-18 year olds; specializing in play therapy and childhood disorders. Jorinna specializes in older teens, young adults and parent/couple work. Andrew is excellent with children, teens and their family's, easy going, professional and the they love him, and Reina works with children to young adults, with families as well as parents (please check the next pages for our bios!).

We have ALL worked in the school system, worked with administrators and understand the school dynamics! We work in tandem with schools, medical professionals, and the family to help make positive changes in the system. We are available off-hours, to help and support your journey through highly personalized, accessible, and supportive treatment.


Respect, open communication, down-to-earth style, relaxed, happy professionalism are an integral part of our practices. There is no stigma in seeking professional help. Consider your call a healthy step toward identifying and resolving concerns. Our work with you will shape a path to a more comfortable, happy, anxiety free productive life.

  • Weekend & after school appointments available.

  • Clinical Supervision offered. 

  • Convenient to Washington DC, Chevy Chase and Bethesda, MD

  • Tele/Video and Walk & Talk Therapy Available.

Highland House

5480 Wisconsin Avenue Suite 201 

Chevy Chase, MD 20815

 Located at the Friendship Heights, Red Line Metro.

Garage Parking available.


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